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Lesson 2: Exporting FBX files from CET Designer

Exporting FBX files from CET Designer
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FBX Export Settings


Lesson Overview

Learn how to export files from CET Designer into FBX format for upload into the Simply Augmented platform.  Below are step by step instructions in case you don't want to watch the entire video.  

  1. Open CET Designer and the scene that you want to export

  2. Select "File > Import & Export > Export Drawing" (See Export Setting image above)

  3. Save-As 'File Name'. **Note: Make sure to name according to name you would like to have appear as the title in the Simply Augmented app.

  4. Under "Save as type" select the drop down and choose "FBX" and click "Save"

  5. The export will create multiple files.  Zip all the files together to prepare for uploading.

  6. Upload your files through the Simply Augmented CMS Portal

  7. Go to Lesson 3 for detailed instructions on how to upload files to the Simply Augmented portal.

Lesson Instructor - Shawn O'Donnell